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Several types of chip conveyor commonly used in CNC machine tools

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Machine chip conveyor, also known as chip conveyor, used to metal cutting machine cutting metal scraps transported to the affirmative position of the dull.

Machine chip conveyor / chip conveyor classification: divided into chain-type debris conveyor, scraper debris conveyor, magnetic debris conveyor, spiral debris conveyor. Machine chip conveyor / chip machine various types of induction:

1, spiral chip conveyor

The machine is driven by a reducer to drive the rotating shaft with helical blades to push forward the material forward (backward), meet in the discharge port, fall into the specified position, the machine layout is compact, take up space is small, easy to use, Hinder the rate is very low, especially for the chip space is narrow, the other chip situation is not easy to place the machine.

2, scraper type debris conveyor

The conveyor speed of the scraper chip unit is wide range of options, and the use of a wide range of useful chip widths can provide a rich selection of areas such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, grinders and active lines. In the disposal of grinding grinding metal sand, abrasive, and the automotive industry in the aluminum chip results are better, both sides of the scraper with a special chain, scraping plate height and distribution distance can be randomly planned, and thus stable transmission , Compact layout, good strength. And can be based on the user need to add steel mesh recoil, scraper, eddy current dispenser, oil and water disperser to form a comprehensive filtration system to improve the appearance of product processing accuracy, saving coolant, low labor intensity, is a more competitive application Machine help device.

3, chip car

The chip is equipped with wheels, the chip can be sent to the original place, easy to meet the clearing, divided into dry and wet two kinds of dry box can be tilted, The chip can be poured out, the wet type is in the dry base with double-layer filter, put the valve in order to facilitate the chip in the coolant and chip dispersion, play a role in accepting and environmental protection, and according to the difference between the amount of chip User requirements, plan all kinds of volume and efficiency difference in another chip car.

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