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Grinding machine daily maintenance

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1. Operation is completed, parts around, especially the sliding parts, should be wiped clean oil.

2. Clear grinding parts of grinding parts.

3. Necessary parts, on the rust.

Use the above grinding machine maintenance precautions

1. Before grinding, please correct the wheel balance.

2. Must be in accordance with the material material, hardness carefully selected wheel.

3. Spindle end and wheel flange should be coated with thin film to prevent rust.

4. Please note the direction of rotation of the spindle.

5. Do not use air guns to clean workstations and machines.

6. Please note that the oil circuit is smooth.

7. Vacuum box, filter steel, please clean once a week.

8. When the suction is weak, check the dust collection tube for clogging.

9. Must keep the vacuum pipe clean, otherwise it will cause burning.

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