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Summary of NC Lathe Manipulation Method

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016/9/5 14:51:23

Before operation:

L, machine things to start before things have to warm up, carefully check the lubrication system is normal, such as machine tools never started, you can first accept the manual method to the various departments of oil lubrication.

2, the use of the tool should be consistent with the specifications of the machine tool, serious damage to the tool to real-time exchange;

3, mediation tools used things do not forget in the machine;

4, large shaft parts of the central hole is consistent, if the central hole is too small, then things are prone to injury;

5, after the placement of the tool should be held one or two test cutting;

6, check the state of the chuck clamping things;

7, before the machine starts, you must shut the machine protection door.

In operation:

L, restraint hand to fight the tip and iron, iron scraps must use iron hook or brush to liquidate;

2, restraint by hand or other means of war is rotating the spindle, the workpiece or other parts of the event;

3, restraint in the process of measuring the amount of live, variable speed, more can not use cotton wire to wipe the workpiece and remove the machine;

4, lathe operation, the operator shall not leave the booth, the machine invented very signs of immediate parking;

5, often check the bearing temperature, should be found when the staff is too high to check;

6, in the course of processing, not allowed to open the machine protection door;

7, strict obedience to the post responsibility system, the machine by the use of others, others need to use their own consent;

8, the workpiece out of the lathe 100mm outside, to be set in the protruding position of protection;

9, restraint held experimental manipulation.

10, the manual origin of the return, the precise location of the machine to the axis of each axis to -100mm above the origin of the machine back to the order: first + X axis, followed by + Z axis;

11, the use of handwheel or fast moving method to move the axis position, we must see the machine X, Z axis of the bias "+, -" signs and then move. Move the first hand to turn the hand wheel inspection machine movement bias correct before moving speed;

12, compile the pace or the pace of input into the machine, the first generation of graphics to imitate, accurate and then to hold the machine test run, and the tool should be out of the workpiece face 200mm or more;

13, the pace of running the incident:

           (1) the knife should be accurate, the tool compensation number should be compared with the pace of diversion tool number

           (2) check the efficiency of the machine keys are accurate

           (3) the cursor should be placed on the main step head

           (4) clip the amount of coolant

           (5) standing position should be consistent, start the pace, the right hand as the stop button to prepare, the pace of running in the hands of the button can not be out of the stop button, if the emergency environment immediately press the stop button;

14, the processing process carefully inspect the cutting and cooling state, to ensure that the machine tool, the normal operation of the tool and the quality of the workpiece, and close the protective door to avoid iron, lubricants fly out;

15, in the pace of operation to be stopped measuring the size of the workpiece, to be completely stopped the machine, the spindle can be stopped after the measurement, in order to avoid personal changes;

16, to wait for the spindle to stop after 3 minutes before shutting down;

17, without permission to open the electrical box;

18, the manual lubrication point must be required to lubricate the instructions;

19, modify the pace of the key in the pace of mediation immediately after the loss, not inserted in the machine, so as not to accidentally tampered with the pace;

20, the use of machine time, daily necessities must be used to cut oil cycle 0.5 hours, the winter time can be slightly shorter, cutting fluid to regular exchange, the same usually between 1-2 months;

After operation:

L, remove chips, wipe the machine, the use of machine tools and the environment to keep clean state;

2, meticulous check or swap grinding broken machine tool rails on the oil inspection board;

3, check the status of lubricants, coolant, real-time addition or exchange;

4, turn off the power and the total power on the panel.

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