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Machinery and equipment industry characteristics

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Starting from the characteristics of production, we can see that the machinery manufacturing industry with discrete, process, supplemented by the main features of the focus. To equipment manufacturing, for example, the production method is generally composed of individual parts of the final finished product, which is a typical discrete industry. Although the automobile manufacturing industry, such as die-casting, surface treatment process belongs to the process category, but most of the process is still characterized by discrete. Based on the above characteristics of the industry, machinery industry in the production and operation process has the following characteristics

Production planning and production tasks of the task of heavy management. Typical discrete mechanical manufacturing enterprises are mainly engaged in single-piece, small-volume production, the process of product changes frequently, because the main order is to organize production, it is difficult to predict when the order comes, so the procurement and production workshop The plan requires a very good production planning system.

The level of automation is relatively low. Machinery manufacturing enterprises are mainly discrete processing, product quality and productivity depends largely on the technical level of workers, automation mainly in the unit level, such as CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems.

The process is simple and clear, the process line is flexible, the coordination of manufacturing resources is difficult. Machinery industry product structure clear and clear. The product structure of the machinery manufacturing company can be described by the concept of a number, the final product must be a fixed number of parts or components, these relationships are very clear and fixed. The order-oriented machinery manufacturing industry is characterized by multiple varieties and small quantities. Therefore, the layout of the machinery manufacturing equipment is generally not according to the product but in accordance with the process, the process of each product may not be the same, and can be carried out with the same process of more than one machine. Therefore, it is necessary to schedule the processed material, and the intermediate product needs to be transported.

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