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The characteristics of rail grinder

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The rail grinding machine adopts Taiwan's advanced machine tool manufacturing technology, with strict quality control means to produce high precision and high efficiency machine tool series, machine performance is good, reliable structure, simple operation, easy maintenance, can be used for the plane of the workpiece, Slope, the bottom of the grinding, applicable to all types of bed, templates, plates and other grinding finishing.

The characteristics of rail grinding machine

1, the machine adopts a closed frame structure, with sufficient rigidity.

2, the table guide surface with a dedicated machine tool board, to ensure that the table feed did not crawl and rail durability.

3, grinding head horizontal feed and vertical feed using servo motor with ball screw drive to ensure that the machine high feed accuracy, improve ease of operation.

4, the table feed hydraulic system using mechanical valve for the machine, the machine for a constant distance.

5, the machine uses a user-friendly operation control panel to improve the ease of operation of the machine.

6, rail grinding machine horizontal Y and grinding head vertical Z coordinate movement are equipped with digital display device to facilitate the operation and measurement to ensure the accuracy of machine tool processing.

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