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China 's machinery industry ushered in the development of the golden period

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016/9/5 14:51:51

The rapid development of machinery industry, pillar industry status is further highlighted. After 60 years of development, China's machinery industry has grown from a very weak foundation to become today's complete range, with considerable strength of the industrial production system, the total economy accounted for more than two-thirds of the equipment manufacturing industry.

System reform has made important progress, production concentration continues to increase. In recent years, in the central and local government policy support, some large state-owned enterprises to achieve restructuring, unloading the burden, the general level of enterprise management, economic efficiency gradually improved.

Independent innovation ability has improved significantly, the support of the national economy continues to increase. 30 years of reform and opening up, the technical level of China's machinery and equipment have been greatly improved, some new technologies and new products to reach or close to the world's advanced level. Machinery industry workers for many years, "China's equipment, equipment, China," the ideal is becoming a reality.

Structural progress to make progress, the direction of development began to change. China's machinery industry product structure is a high-level development, the ownership structure of continuous optimization, the initial effect of industrial agglomeration, modern manufacturing services industry development.

International competitiveness to further strengthen the "going out strategy" early results.     

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