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Surface Grinder Precautions

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Grinding machine, the main use of grinding wheel rotation grinding workpiece to achieve the required flatness, according to the shape of the table can be divided into rectangular table and round table two, rectangular table surface grinder main parameters for the table Width and length, the main parameters of the table surface grinding machine for the work surface diameter. According to the different types of shafts can be divided into the horizontal axis and vertical shaft grinding machine, such as M7432 vertical axis table grinding machine, M7130 horizontal axis table grinding machine

Surface grinding machine operating instructions

1: Surface grinder positioning

The machine should be in the maximum movement space and then set aside more than 300mm, each foot screws tight, before and after the stage and around the level of 0.04 / 1000mm or less. (The need to install the inverter to be higher)

Check every three months, adjust the level of worktops, tighten every foot screws.

2: Grinding wheel for surface grinder

The selected grinding wheel shall be capable of withstanding the working speed of 2000 m / min or more.

Do not use damaged wheels.

The new wheel is fitted with a flange that must be balanced.

Before grinding, the wheel needs to be empty for 5 minutes.

Maximum feed stroke 800mm below the grinding machine is 0.03mm, 800mm above the grinding machine is 0.05mm

3: Surface grinder spindle

Before installing the grinding wheel, make sure that the spindle rotates clockwise.

When starting, you must first open the spindle after the flush.

4: Surface grinder hydraulic device

Surface grinder with viscosity 46 hydraulic oil.

The new machine in the use of three months after the need to replace the hydraulic oil, after the replacement once a year, while the need to clean the fuel tank.

Check the hydraulic oil level every day, the oil level should be guaranteed between the lowest and the highest line.

Before starting the hydraulic motor, make sure that the flow control lever is in the closed position.

Must first open the suction after the hydraulic pressure

5: Surface grinding machine lubrication device

Lubricant use the viscosity of 32 for the rail lubricants. (Recommended US VIA 1 or 1405)

Check the fuel tank (pool) oil every day to ensure that the line above the line.

Check the rails every week is smooth, put the rails out of oil.

It is recommended to clean the tank every three months.

Grease is regularly filled as specified.

6: Surface grinder left and right institutions

It is forbidden to adjust the left and right travels while the table is moving.

When the table cable is loose, it should be adjusted immediately. (This section applies to manual models)

7: Surface grinder flushing and vacuuming device

The vacuum box filter should be cleaned once every two weeks.

The cold water tank must be cleaned once a month.

Do not use empty cleaning surface grinders 

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