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CNC machining center on the use of environmental requirements

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016/9/5 14:57:48

    First, the processing center location The location of the processing center should be away from the vibration source, should prevent the direct sunlight and the impact of thermal radiation to prevent the impact of moisture and airflow. Such as CNC machine tools near the vibration source, the processing center should be set around the anti-vibration ditch. Otherwise it will directly affect the processing accuracy and stability of CNC machine tools, electronic components will make contact with bad, attack problems, affecting the reliability of the processing center.

    Second, the power requirements of ordinary processing center device in the machine shop, not only the ambient temperature changes, the use of poor conditions, and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, resulting in power grid shake. Thus, the location of the device machining center, the demand supply voltage is severely controlled. The power supply voltage must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable. Otherwise it will affect the processing center CNC system of normal work. 

    Third, the temperature conditions CNC machining center of the ambient temperature of less than 30 degrees, the relative temperature of less than 80%. In general, CNC electronic control box is equipped with internal fan or chillers to adhere to electronic components, especially the central processor operating temperature constant or little change in temperature difference. Excessive temperature and humidity will cause the control system components to be reduced in life and lead to increased disease. Increased temperature and humidity, increased dust will cause bonding on the integrated circuit board and lead to short circuit. The following are the same as the "

    Fourth, according to the rules of the rules of the use of processing center users in the use of processing center, is not allowed to arbitrarily change the control system within the factory set parameters.

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