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The core view of the machinery industry

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1 The machinery industry is closely related to the national economy and belongs to the cyclical industry. At the same time, the industry is capital, technology and labor-intensive industries, the industry is mature, the growth rate is low.

2 machinery industry within the sub-industry, a wide range of products, industry technical level uneven, with the exception of a small number of advanced manufacturing technology industry, most industries do not have monopoly. At the same time, the industry is highly competitive, low production concentration, low level of productivity, scientific research can not keep up with the needs of innovation, the overall industry investment opportunities less.

3 Due to the influence of the regional environment, the regional development of the machinery industry is uneven, and the eastern region has an absolute advantage in terms of input, output and efficiency. The central and western regions are basically weak. As the state continues to increase the intensity of the development of the western region, this situation is gradually changing, although the absolute amount of the eastern region continued to grow substantially, but the proportion was declining.

4 from the machinery industry sales output distribution, the machinery product market is mainly driven by domestic demand. Mechanical products export growth is fast, but the overall production development faster, the proportion of exports accounted for the proportion of the product is still limited, the basic maintained at 15% -20%.

5 petrochemical general machinery, agricultural machinery, instrumentation, mechanical base pieces of the four sub-sectors of the industrial output value of the machinery industry in the top four, industrial output value of more than 100 billion yuan, total accounting for 69% of the total output value of machinery industry, Occupies a pivotal position.

6 construction machinery industry is the fastest growing sub-sectors of the machinery industry, the profit rate is located in the machinery industry first, followed by petrochemical general machinery, instrumentation, mechanical basic parts industry and food packaging machinery industry, agricultural machinery profit margins minimum operating performance.

7 The basic principles for the selection of listed companies in our industry are listed companies that are closely related to and benefit from the fixed investment of the national economy and the state, as well as listed companies with substantial growth in the performance of substantive M & A and subsequent follow-up.

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